System Requirements

In order to receive and retain the Electronic Communications, you must have a valid e-mail address and a computer equipped as described below. If you change your e-mail address, you must promptly change your contact information or notify HDFS to update your contact information.


Internet access and a browser that supports 128-bit encryption (or higher) such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer

An operating system meeting the below minimum requirements for either Microsoft® Windows® or Macintosh®:


Windows XP SP3 with IE8, Chrome 33, or Firefox 27

Windows 7 with IE8, IE10, Chrome 33, or Firefox 27

Modem or other connection:

(56 kbps or higher recommended)

Printer/Hard Drive:

If you have a printer, you may also print a copy of your Electronic Communications. You can do this at no additional cost by simply clicking the “Print” button in your browser or for documents viewed in Adobe Acrobat format, using the Adobe print feature. Or you may use a hard disk or removable disk drive with diskette to retain a copy of Electronic Communications.